What qualifications should a Kanban consultant have?


Choosing the Right Kanban Consultant: Qualifications and Beyond 🌟

Introduction: The Criteria for Selecting a Kanban Consultant

Selecting a Kanban consultant for your organization involves more than just checking qualifications. While certifications are important, the consultant’s experience in guiding organizations to improve their work processes using Kanban is crucial. Let’s explore what to look for in a Kanban consultant, from formal qualifications to practical experience.

The Importance of Experience

Guidance and Improvement

  • Experience Over Qualifications: The most critical aspect is the consultant’s experience in applying Kanban to enhance organizational workflows, delivering more value to customers, and reducing delays and frictions in processes.

Key Qualifications for a Kanban Consultant

Minimum and Ideal Standards

  • Kanban Management Professional: At a minimum, look for a consultant who is certified as a Kanban Management Professional (KMP).
  • Kanban Coach and Consultant: Ideally, the consultant should also be a qualified Kanban coach and consultant, indicating a higher level of expertise and capability in implementing Kanban systems.

Assessing the Consultant’s Approach

Understanding Their Methodology

  • Analyzing Past Projects: Investigate their past projects to understand not just what they accomplished but also how they achieved it. This will give insight into their approach and adaptability.
  • Contextual Application: Ensure that the consultant is not just applying a “cookie-cutter” approach but is adept at understanding and working within the unique context of your organization.

The Right Fit for Your Organization

Customized Approach and Understanding

  • Avoiding One-Size-Fits-All Solutions: It’s important that the consultant does not merely replicate past successes but tailors their approach to your specific needs and challenges.
  • Client Conversations: Speak with their previous clients to gain insights into their working style and effectiveness.

Conclusion: A Comprehensive Approach to Choosing a Kanban Consultant

Choosing the right Kanban consultant for your organization goes beyond verifying qualifications. It requires assessing their practical experience in guiding organizations to improve using Kanban, their ability to tailor their approach to your specific context, and their success in delivering tangible improvements. Engaging in conversations with the consultant and their past clients can provide deeper insights into their suitability for your organization’s needs. Selecting a consultant who meets these criteria will ensure that your organization benefits fully from the implementation of Kanban. 🚀

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