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Kanban Quick Start Launch Program.

Jumpstart your organization's productivity and streamline your processes with our Kanban Quickstart Launch Program, where our expert Kanban consultants and coaches guide you through a fast, tailored adoption of Kanban strategies for immediate and effective results.

Kanban Quickstart Launch Program Outline.

Welcome to the Mastering Kanban Quickstart Launch – your gateway to maximizing the value flow through your organization. In this quickstart launch, you will set up your Kanban system, deliver work, understand Kanban principles and strategies, and learn how to optimize value flow through your system.

Defining the service.

Identify your customer, state the service(s) you deliver to the customer, and specify the impact you aim to create.
Success measures:
● how do you know that you are achieving the desired impact?
● How does the customer describe the benefits they get from us?

Identifying the major steps.

What do you do to service a request type? Map your current ways of working.
Resist the temptation to map what you think or like to happen.
What happens next?
Follow all the way to completion.

Defining the team working agreement.

Define the team working agreement for the team delivering the service. Who gives us work?
How does the customer give us work? Service requirement.
What do we need to do fulfil the customer request? Who do we need to collaborate with? How do we coordinate

Validate map and create pull-based system of work.

Follow work from start to finish and Work back from completion
Visualise your map
Whiteboard and post its work great Create a pull-based system of work
Limit Work In Progress. Pull work in Schedule based on availability.

Defining work item types.

What are the different types of work we get? Sometimes this is dependent on where the work comes from.
How many requests for each type of work item do we get?
Is there a pattern?

Measure delivery capability.

WIP - Define flow load per type of work, for each type of work
What is the lead time, time it takes from receiving the request to fulfilling it.
Delivery rate, how many do we deliver in a week?
Failure demand, rework or defects
Selection criteria, how to sequence work.
When do you start work? How is the work funded? How do you allocate capacity for different types of work? How to set delivery date expectations using probabilistic forecasting.

Kanban Pricing Structure and Formats.

Choose between a Quickstart Kanban Program, a Kanban Training + Coaching bundle, or continuous Kanban consulting.

Kanban Quickstart.

39,900 GBP + VAT

Highly skilled and experienced Kanban consultant leading an initial ten consecutive days of consulting to visualise your work as a kanban system.

Followed by ten days of on-demand consulting - in half-day units over 10 weeks.

Continuous advisory, consulting, coaching and bite-size training as needed.

Kanban Starter.

9,975 GBP + VAT

Kanban systems design course for the team + 3 days kanban consulting to get you up and running effectively.

Daily consulting.

2,395 GBP + VAT per day.

Daily on-demand Kanban consulting and Kanban coaching service provided by an expert consultant.

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Nader Talai

Nader Talai is the CEO of Value Glide and a Professional Trainer certified through Kanban University, Scrum Inc. and Scaled Agile Framework. Nader brings over 3 decades of experience in the technology space, with a little over 20 years experience working as an agile coach, agile consultant, and Kaban Management Professional.

Nader is knowing for blending professional agile training with a unique combination of coaching and consulting to enhance the learning experience, provide pragmatic and actionable recommendations to delegates, and empower practitioners to start succeeding with Kanban immediately.

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