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Kanban Systems Improvement Course

The Kanban Systems Improvement course empowers participants with advanced strategies and practical tools to enhance workflow efficiency, foster collaborative team environments, and effectively manage complex projects in dynamic, fast-paced product development settings.

6 Primary Challenges Kanban Systems Improvement Course address.

Why do organizations adopt and implement Kanban? Below are 6 primary reasons for exploring Kanban, and how training delivers those outcomes. Please scroll further down for a comprehensive course outline.

Complex Project Coordination

Product and project managers often struggle with coordinating multiple complex projects simultaneously, leading to inefficiency and errors. Kanban Solution: The course teaches advanced techniques for managing complex work, enabling managers to coordinate multiple projects effectively, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

Limited Team Engagement and Collaboration

Lack of effective collaboration and engagement among team members can lead to suboptimal results. Transformation through Kanban: The course focuses on fostering a collaborative environment, enhancing team engagement, and leveraging collective expertise to improve project outcomes.

Inconsistent Workflow and Bottlenecks

Inconsistent workflows and unidentified bottlenecks can severely hinder project progress and outcomes. Course Impact: Attendees learn to identify and address bottlenecks, streamline workflows, and ensure a consistent and smooth flow of work, enhancing productivity and project delivery times.

Inadequate Risk Management and Predictive Planning

Managing risks and predicting future challenges are essential for successful project completion. Kanban’s Solution: Attendees learn robust risk management and predictive planning techniques, enabling them to foresee potential issues and plan accordingly to mitigate risks.

Difficulty in Adapting to Changing Priorities

Rapidly changing priorities can disrupt planned work, making it hard to adapt quickly. Kanban’s Approach: The training emphasizes flexibility and adaptability in project management, equipping managers with strategies to swiftly and efficiently respond to changing priorities without disrupting the workflow.

Suboptimal Resource Utilization

Inefficient use of resources, including team skills and time, can lead to wasted potential and increased costs. Course Benefits: The course provides insights into optimal resource allocation, ensuring that the skills and time of the team are utilized effectively, leading to cost efficiency and enhanced productivity.

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Meet Your Trainer

Nader Talai

Nader Talai is the CEO of Value Glide and a Professional Trainer certified through Kanban University, Scrum Inc. and Scaled Agile Framework. Nader brings over 3 decades of experience in the technology space, with a little over 20 years experience working as an agile coach, agile consultant, and Kaban Management Professional.

Nader is knowing for blending professional agile training with a unique combination of coaching and consulting to enhance the learning experience, provide pragmatic and actionable recommendations to delegates, and empower practitioners to start succeeding with Kanban immediately.

Kanban Systems Improvement Course Overview

Outline of topics and learning objectives.

Kanban Overview

Revolutionary vs Evolutionary Change
Principles of the Kanban Method
Core Practices of the Kanban Method
Depth of Implementation
When is Kanban typically used?

Whats included?

Course materials
Remote learning
After support via dedicated slack channel

Course prerequisite

Attendees are expected to have read “Kanban” by David J Anderson or “Kanban from the Inside” by Mike Burrows.

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